Patient Management Web App

A basic, but usable web app for heathcare providers. Intended to facilitate appointment scheduling, storage of patient data and visit records, patient-provider communication, video sharing, and new patient contacts through a landing page contact form.

Administration Portal

Below is a video demonstrating the administration page of the app. In the video, we can view:

  • Potential client contacts An area summarizing website contact form submissions received from prospective patients.
  • Messages from patients An area displaying messages from current patients submitted through their personal information pages.
  • Patient Summary A summary of current patients listed and sorted by next scheduled apppointment, with newly created patients at the top of the list.
  • Visit summaries Not shown are visit summaries which are archived and accessed on the patient information page.
  • New user creation The creation of a new user in the patient database, which is implemented in Firebase's cloud Firestore, and secured by Firestore rules and authentication.
  • Patient fillable forms A button on the admin page grants patients the ability to fill out and edit patient data.
  • Appointment Scheduling A form for scheduling appointments is provided which then updates the patient database and Google Calendar.
  • Video Embedding Videos can be embedded by the provider for patients to view in their personalized webpage.

Landing Page and Patient's Portal

Below is a video showing the provider's landing page, login page and personalized webpage. One can see the following:

  • Landing page A landing page showing basic information on services.
  • Patient Login Firebase auth is used for login/user authentication.
  • Next Appointment The patient's next appointment date is shown at the top of the page.
  • Note from provider The provider can write a note displayed on the patient's personalized webpage.
  • Video Links Embedded links such as video demonstrations from the provider can be shown.
  • Patient Information Patient information is shown towards the bottom of the page, which can be made editable by the patient on the admin page.
  • Contact button A button to send a message to the provider is shown at the top of the page.
  • Web contact form A call to action button on the main page leads to a contact form for potential patients.